His Excellency Dr S C Jamir (Governor of Odisha) launches Centurion Learning Tab


The faculty of Centurion University have put together their courseware to create the Centurion Learning Tab, possibly the first ever course-specific learning tablet developed by any University in the country. The courseware contains presentations (for each lecture), lecture notes, assignments and question bank, useful links, flash cards, relevant to each course being taught to the Centurion University student. The tablet and the contents have been custom-packaged for Centurion students in an easy to learn format by the Qlurn team.

Centurion University is proud to have in our presence, our Governor, His Excellency Dr S C Jamir, who appreciated the relevance of our tablet in making engineering education more fun and more accessible to all students.

The presence of all courseware in an easy, accessible format will ensure students come prepared in class – they will now know what will be taught, so they come prepared with questions, and the dynamics of the classroom changes – the student does not remain a passive learner any more. The teacher, too, does not have the pressure to just transfer information – that is already in the hands of the student, so it leaves her time for more engaging discussions. The weak student also finds it easy – all material is in the tablet, including questions and answers, and flash cards that can act as examination aids. Centurion’s students have also created answers for most of the questions in the bank – so this is going to be a dynamic environment and this is only the beginning.

Centurion University is a young university, focused on innovating effective learning systems for the future, for its own students, and to be openly shared with students and faculty anywhere. For more questions on this topic, please click here



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