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Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advances healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control. Biotechnology can be classified into two broad categories: R&D in Biological Sciences and Industrial Processes. The biological sciences aspect deals with research and development in areas such as Microbiology, Cell biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology etc. for understanding the occurrence and treatment of diseases, development of agriculture, food production, protection of the environment and many more. Most of the R&D work in biological sciences is carried out in the laboratory. The industrial processes aspect deals with the production of drugs, vaccines, biofuels and pharmaceuticals on an industrial scale using biochemical processes and techniques. Some of the best innovations and developments that have come out of Biotechnology and allied fields are: genomic sequencing technology, natural alternatives to pesticides, production of biofuels and developments in stem cells technology.

The Department of Biotech Engineering offers B.Tech in Biotech Engineering programme with a focus to produce professionals to make a career in Food Technology, Nutrition, Medicines, Healthcare, Forensic Sciences, Agriculture and Environment field.  Our students get wide opportunities to gain practical exposures in our modern Biotech labs and also outside in research labs. Public funded laboratories. Our Biotech students and faculty use BIOVIA of Dassault System for research and the outcome has got wide publications and patent.

During their study they are getting the idea for filing patent their innovation, for solving different health problems, discovery of new medicine for disease like cancer. Our students have published research publication in reputed books and also journals. This is a good achievement for them at this student stage. Our B.Tech Biotechnology students have discovered one novel bacterium which is capable of utilizing the excess carbon dioxide from the environment and convert it into methane gas. This will help to reduce air pollution from the environment, which is a burning topic of metro cities as well as of the whole world. This project has been highly appreciated by eminent scientists of Odisha Botanical Society and our students have got certificate from the society.

Career Options:

As there is increasing popularity and explosive growth, there is plenty of opportunities available in biotechnology field. you can be a research scientist, teacher, marketing manager, science writer, bioinformists, quality control officer or production in-charge in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. analyst (venture-capitalist)environmental / safety specialist .biotechnology companies require corporate executives with business/management degrees. a graduate in biotechnology can get job in government sectors such as universities and colleges, research institutes or at private centres as research scientists/assistants.

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