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Diploma in Mining Engineering

Diploma in Mining Engineering

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    2 Years

About the Programme
Overview: The course will prepare its students for a career in mining engineering and related areas of engineering or research and development. Career wise it definitely leaves the doors open and allows students to move into academia or into research and development, take on technical jobs, and of course work in the field of mining engineering, either as a technical lead, or an engineer itself. It is also a great building ground for those who wish to study further in this field, and provides a specialised start for the same. Graduates from this course may work as mining engineers, technical leads, scientific assistants, assistant managers, quality technicians, R&D Engineers, Quality assurance engineers, market research specialists, and etcetera, and be recruited by Colleges and universities, KPGM Bangalore, South Eastern Coalfields, Atlas Copco India, National Institute of Rock Mechanics, BARC, and etcetera. The course equips students not just with the essentials of mining engineering as a subject, but also the skills required to lead projects or communicate with clients that have invested in the extraction or the project as the case may be. It involves studying subjects such as electrical and mechanical engineering, engineering drawing, mining safety, mining survey, computer aided design and drafting, and etc. Thus the design of a project is also given great importance and so is the presentation of the same. Vision: Become a State-of-the-Art learning centre in the field of design and manufacturing. Mission:
  • Develop skilled and employable manpower for "Make in India" Mission.
  • Undertake research in the areas of welding design and manufacturing .
  • Promote a production oriented learning pedagogy.
Course Fee
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Eligibility Criteria
Successful qualification of class X, with Science, Math, and English as 3 of the main subjects, and with a minimum aggregate score of 50%, and an ITI- qualification. Or Successful qualification of class XII with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as 3 of the main subjects, and a minimum aggregate score of 45% (40% for SC/ST/OBC candidates).
Career path you can choose after the course
Career prospects for mining engineering are great, both in India and abroad. It offers opportunities both in the academic field as well as in the professional field. The course provides various mining specific subjects, but it further branches out to subjects such as electrical and mechanical engineering, or engineering drawing, allowing students to receive a holistic development if they intend to further move into research or other areas of academia given that this is a diploma level course. That being said, as far as jobs are concerned, there are plenty and they are significantly well paying. Engineers of all kinds are in high demand at the moment, but at the same time only the best of the best get recruited given tightness of budgets and limitation of companies that are hiring. Recruiting agencies include coal and oil companies, colleges and universities, other mining companies, manufacturing industries, and etcetera.
Mining Engineering graduates are often recruited as mine safety managers or assistant managers, and therefore it is beneficial to have adept managerial skills. Apart from that a candidate may be required to lead teams or communicate with clients, making communication skills also crucial.

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