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School of Design and Planning

School of Design and Planning


The four-year program in Fashion Design aims to produce dynamic design professionals who can face the challenges of the ever-changing fashion industry. It will equip them with strong creative and technical skills related to the field of fashion, which empowers them to adapt to an evolving fashion biosphere. The curriculum incorporates a combination of experiential learning and hands-on training that enables integrated development.

A holistic input on a generic design with a focused approach towards apparel production inculcates the ability to develop and channelize creativity. The curriculum hones design sensitization, which balances global fashion aesthetics with an Indian soul. It addresses the needs of the export market as well as both couture and pret-a-porter in India, expanding and categorizing apparel design into niche segment.

A logical, sequential hands-on experience will enable students to conceptualize design, make patterns, drape and construct garments of impeccable quality. A multidisciplinary approach focuses on self-learning and independent thinking that expands perceptual perspectives that relate classroom teachings with practical learning. Students will gain valuable insight into the broad spectrum that Indian fashion encompasses through internships at leading fashion houses/ manufacturing units to improve knowledge and overcome the practical challenges faced.

The course will inculcate the traditional rural craftwork by working with indigenous rural artisans via the cluster development program in which the intern will work towards the the objective of design interventions.

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