Developing skills & competencies the Gram Tarang way

Hands on knowledge, practice oriented pedagogy and experiential based learning are our three basic tenets of skill development. We believe that work integrated learning is the best way to build hands on skills. This is achieved through strong industry linkages for on the job training, curriculum development and training of trainers which together creates an ecosystem for developing market relevant skills with exposure to the actual equipment/tools/processes and systems that the trainee will experience in work place This is achived through three phases of learning: Traditional Learning >> Applied Learning >> Action Learning as depicted in the diagram.

Phase I: Traditional Learning

Teach me

Where we rely on traditional learning methods of laying a foundation for the course which will involve development of trade specific knowledge, literacy, numeracy & technical skills through Contact Classes.

Show me

Where we take the learning into the workshop or work environment & use demonstration as the tool for practical learning. Trainees will have the opportunity to observe tasks and procedures being completed, making notes along the way and understanding SOPs for operating machines, tools, work processes etc.

Phase II: Applied Learning

Let me work

The trainees will be sent to the industry for hands on learning and working on all the practical elements of doing the job during their initial training period. The supervisor will be a facilitator, support and coach along the way.

Assess me & tell me how I am doing

Assessment is a continuous process. Supervisor feedback, Viva voce, tests & assignments are the tools used to assess the learning of the trainee and feedback is a key tool in the learner’s skill development.

Phase III: Action Learning

Let me show you what I can do

The trainees will eventually move into an independent delivery role where they will work for at least 5 days of the week in the industry and be paid a stipend.

Recognise me

An independent IIIrd party assessment will be conducted in partnership with Sector Skill Councils or NCVT for a final sign off certification of a new “Professional”.

Let me teach

All trainees are given a project or assignment and will eventually be given an opportunity to conduct a class to share their learning.





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