NEP Compliance

Centurion University can proudly claim itself as the most NEP complaince University. This is because the founders envisioned the university in line with dual sectors universities of Australian where TAFE (Technical and Further Education) operate alongside within the University ecosystem. Centurion university contextualised and adapted TAFE and higher education in India by integrating skills in the deliveries of higher education.

Centurion curricula are designed and developed with an aim for multiple entry and exit, by  integrating skills, which is industrial-production oriented.

Centurion has established  social entrepreneurship outreach entities under the rubric of ‘Gram Tarang’ to accomplish the above stated objective. The University has established partnership with NIOS to facilitate school dropouts for academic upward mobility to enrol into higher education after completing 10th and 12th.

One of the most significant and most successful programmes is the partnership with Café Coffee Day under which the brew masters complete their 12th with NIOS and enrol into the University programme for work-integrated undergraduate degree in Retail Management.

Centurion University has vertically integrated skill development into all its programmes. Students can choose from over 100 skills courses which include music, dance, sports, core-professional-life—entrepreneurship  skills. The University has over 50 industry partners who support and help domain tracks running over 24 credits in six months’ time.  The University has industry sponsored labs across 15 industrial verticals.

The University, which has become the equivalent of a pilgrimage pinnacle for skill integrated education, has had the privilege to host many visitors from government both central and state, PSUs, universities/ institutions from across the globe, multilateral agencies such the World Bank, ADB, UN, and international and national universities, organizations like the British Council, many High Commissioners, and so on.

The University has applied to be part of the Academic Bank of Credits and is ready to both receive as well as export credits. Centurion has developed its curricula as a full cafeteria and all 1100 subjects and domains can be viewed at All courses are digitally aligned. Students also can choose from Swayam, Coursera as well as Udemy. Faculty members also contribute to these platforms.

The courseware of each subject outlines objectives as well as learning outcomes. The framework is in place to align all programmes with competencies.  The students are also supported, encouraged and trained to participate in world skills competitions and the University has been privy to gold medals at national level.

As a Skill University, Centurion has developed over 30 diplomas as well as 50 certificate courses to be offered in hybrid mode to external learners. All courses have theory/simulation practice and one month on-campus modules to hone their skills on real-time basis.  All these courses have mapping of industrial skills and competencies as the outcome. The focus is also on project-product-production (action-learning) as a pedagogical tool as opposed to lab-experiment-records (applied learning). The University has achieved this transformation in a period of last 7 years.

The University mandates Culture, Sports and Responsibility (CSR) for each student in every semester. All students have to carry out activities of 10 hours per semester for CSR. The CSR activities assign importance to the promotion of Indian dance/ music/ literature and culture. The literary outcome of CSR results in a yearly magazine called Chandrabhaga.

There is also an on-Campus Indic Knowledge Center working on science and Vedas and publishes periodically under the guidance and leadership of Prof Shantamma, who is an authority in this area.

The University curricula is all delivered on a campus-wide ERP as the backbone. The University offers the choice of paperless examination system, where students can use tabs and stylus. The University also uses free tools like Moodle. The University is currently embarking on immersive learning with development of 3D assets and soon it will be transported into Metaverse.