How Can You Be a Professional Radiologist in Bhubaneswar?

A main element of diagnosis, Radiology has turned into an important component of modern medicine – as it is concerned with primary diagnosis that can be life-saving. Radiologists are doctors who are fully licensed and are involved in the medical imaging procedures. A fast-growing field, Radiology is an important element in diagnostic processes and is now playing a vital part in modern medicine. In the absence of radiologists, physicians would also have to handle the complex tasks of imaging and diagnosis. Without an effective diagnostic imaging process, they cannot treat patients in an efficient way. Here is how you can be a radiologist by profession in Bhubaneswar.

Get formal education:
You have to undergo at least 7 years of formal education in a medical subject. It has to begin with a bachelor’s degree that is focused on physics and biology, such as a premedical degree or MBBS. The study has to continue with postgraduate courses after MBBS course that specializes in radiology.

Fellowship or diploma programs:
After an MBBS program, you can also find fellowship or diploma courses available to enroll in and earn specialization as a Radiologist. As compared to other specialties, fellowship courses are important – as you can get the basic skills as a radiology student. You can also get the real-time expertise and experience that is necessary to become a professional Radiologist.

Interventional radiology:
When you complete it, you can even have the option of pursuing interventional radiology, which is a sub-specialization. It can let you perform a number of processes in the human body that are minimally invasive, with the aid of medical imaging techniques and equipment.

Other than this, you may also sit for the Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR). This is a test held by the Royal College of Radiologists. It can equip you with specialization in the domain of radiology. When you manage to pass all the 3 FRCR tests, you can be eligible for practicing in India, UK and most of the countries of Europe as a Radiologist.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Radiologist jobs will grow at a pace of 9% in the 2018–2028 period, and this is appreciable. After you finish the radiology course, you can pick from various career options. You can be a Radiologist (MD), Radiographer / Radiology Technologist, MRI Technician, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer / Ultrasound Technician, CT Scan Technologist / CAT Scan Technologist or even a Radiology Technician.

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What are the Top Challenges in Computer Science Engineering Profession?

The computer science engineering course is a booming sector in India as well as in most other parts of the world. Technology is bringing about a sea change in how industries and organizations across the globe are operating. There are many jobs in this sector that have a high growth potential, but there are a few challenges involved with this profession. Know about the biggest challenges that computer engineers face at some juncture or other in their careers.

Low skills development, low employability:

Access to jobs after education is not very easy for every computer engineer. A survey conducted on 1, 50,000 engineers in India revealed that while 97% wished to work in core engineering or software engineering, just 3% possessed the programming skills required for employability in the software sector. However, only a few Computer Engineering colleges in the country provide the requisite skills to students for employment.

But the scenario is changing rapidly, and at least some Engineering colleges in Odisha have good training opportunities and an up-to-date curriculum. And you can self-teach yourself to be a programmer due to many online videos and other resources available today.

Constant updating of knowledge is necessary

Remember that Computer programming is evolving continuously. There is a new framework, programming language or library coming up every now and then. You have to educate yourself outside usual working hours, devote more time and continuously update your skills. Otherwise, you will stagnate and lose the competitive edge that is necessary for better jobs. Unless you go on updating your learning, you cannot move on to better jobs and salaries.

Knowledge of business is crucial for team-leading

Many computer engineers face this problem sometime or other in their profession. Even if you are the best and most skilled programmer, you have to ultimately go on to lead a team of engineers, be a CTO or design data structure. However, without an understanding of how the business aspect works, you cannot understand your customers and their requirements, how to monetize products and more. The knowledge of the business aspect of computer engineering jobs is crucial. Otherwise, you will not be trusted with product building from scratch or leading teams.

Overall, the career of a computer engineer can be rewarding – especially in the present scenario where the technology is fast expanding and evolving. But you must also be aware of the challenges of this profession to plan ahead and be successful in this career.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get in the Paramedical Industry?

The Paramedical industry has plenty of career options and opportunities for you, given that it is associated very closely with the healthcare industry. As a Paramedical professional, you have to carry out important duties and undertake vital responsibilities. You can get employed as an emergency medical services professional, and help nurses and doctors in medical activities and cases. Find out about the major career options that you can explore after the completion of suitable paramedical courses in Bhubaneswar .

Occupational Therapist

You have to care for people who are physically impaired. As an occupational therapist, you have to develop their motor skills, physical abilities and cognitive powers through various activities. You must use different techniques in curing patients and help people suffering from a long-term illness or disability attain optimal recovery and feel okay. 


This a noble profession and you need to work with physicians to help them cure patients and operate on them. Once a patient is cured, you need to give drugs to them after prescribed time intervals, supervise the state of their health time and again as well as report to physicians and help patients for more recovery. 

Geriatric manager

You need to care for older patients. As a Geriatric manager, you must also help them recover from some physical or mental disorder.


The job of a pharmacist is to distribute injections, tablets, medicines and drugs on a medical practitioner’s prescription. Your main duties will revolve around filling of prescriptions and verifying the directions of doctors about the amount of medicine prescribed to patients. 

Speech therapist

You have to look after people who suffer from problems in communicating or speaking, and tend to stammer or face issues in articulating language. The job involves various activities and exercises that involve psychological as well as physical attention, aiding in the recovery of patients. You need to make use of oral and written exams as well as special apparatuses to evaluate how severe the impairment is. 


Your task is to help patients recover from motor and physical disabilities that result from pain owing to any health issue, disease, accident or injury. As a Physiotherapist, you have to teach many exercises to patients to restore motion and stability to the body of patients. It can be done by using different types of therapies, such as massages, electricity, water, radiation and heat, for treating any type of bone, joint or muscle damage in affected people.

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What Jobs Can You Take Up After B.Pharm Course?

An undergraduate degree course, Bachelor of Pharmacy college in Odisha is for people who do not want to be a physician but are interested in making a career in medicine. Students have to study everything – whether it comes to pharmaceutical engineering, drug dosage, medicinal chemistry or more. After Class XII, B Pharma is a good course to enroll in. These are some of the jobs that you may consider taking up after completing a B Pharm course.,Hence ,Centurion University is known as the Top B.pharm Colleges in Bhubaneswar Odisha .

Quality Control Associate
You may also find work as a Quality Control Associate after getting a B Pharma degree under your belt. As a Quality Control Associate, you have to be involved in the development, maintenance, revision and application of quality standards of materials that are processed fully or partly. You may even assist in defining as well as applying techniques that are proven to be useful for the testing, analysis and inspection of testing methods while keeping a record of all things.

Clinical Research Associate
You may take up the job of a data validation associate, CRO, clinical research associate or medical underwriter after you complete a B Pharma course. With a B.Pharma degree, you can give the right push to your career.

R&D Scientist
This involves research and development for taking care of the technological or scientific confusions related to advances in technology or science. You may work as a scientist in R&D-Pharmacy, and use your sharp skills and knowledge to handle higher responsibilities. The R&D division is what mainly drives the pharma industry. Research is essential for discovering new drugs and analyzing the safety and effectiveness of the same. Thus, R&D scientists are in high demand in pharmaceutical companies.

Drug Inspector
You will be in charge of supervising the quality, safety and utility of a medicine, right from the time it is produced to when it is delivered to a drug store. You need to be committed and honest to the profession, and show your patience. It is also important to have good knowledge of different salt combinations, so as to understand how the same can impact human health.

Scientific Writer
You may even become a scientific writer if you do not wish to take up a technical job or work as a researcher. When you work as a scientific writer, your job will have you cover various pharmaceutical domains that are witnessing a lot of advances these days. You have to come up with well-written medical articles, features and news.

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Why Opt for a Career in Agriculture in Bhubaneswar?

There is no dearth of careers after schooling and graduation. However, with so many career options open for students, it can be tough to pick one that can be satisfying and promise success for all the years to come. Agriculture, one of the most primitive occupations for man, is fast turning out to be one of the most important career options today – mainly due to a global population that appears to be growing rapidly. Find out why you should opt for a career in agriculture in Bhubaneswar.

Plenty of demand for brilliant minds

The agricultural sector has plenty of space to improve. Thus, brilliant young minds are always welcome in this sector to carry out agricultural research and change agrarian technologies and lives in the process. With human and animal life perpetually needing food for sustenance, this sector is also profitable for new entrepreneurs. Investors and businessmen and women from any social strata can consider setting up agrarian firms and businesses that can contribute towards food production.

Helps in economic development

Agriculture alone is regarded as being 4 times more capability of poverty alleviation as compared to any other employment sector. With the global population growing at an alarming rate, every country needs better agricultural research and technological innovations to increase food production massively – to feed more mouths.

Invention of new technologies

The agricultural college in Bhubaneswar is also witnessing the coming of new technologies that are extremely advanced, and make farming and other associated jobs much easier than it was possible earlier. Today, apps and software systems are being used by millions of farmers across the globe, for effective production, managing of business, communication and marketing.

Holds promise for growth in future

Times are changing, and so is the attitude towards farming and agriculture. The excessive amount of labor and time, with low monetary output, drove many young people away from this sector. However, the coming of new agrarian technologies, better irrigation facilities, government aid and lots of investment opportunities are welcoming more and more youngsters to this domain. The calm, relaxed lifestyle of this sector is drawing young people more in numbers, especially those who are fed up with the stress and fast-paced lifestyle of urban areas.

Today, agriculture in Bhubaneswar is not an outdated field to work in. It has lots of opportunities for individuals of any age group, gender or race in food recruitment, horticulture, farming and agricultural production.

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What is Your Career Scope after a Medical Laboratory Technology Course in Bhubaneswar?

The Medical Technologist profession is witnessing a rise in demand, and as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics it is estimated to have an 18% higher growth by the year 2024. This is a job where direct interaction with patients might not be a necessity, but the behind-the-scenes activity – such as the work of a Medical Technologist demand – is almost equally important as it benefits health in many ways. So what is the future career scope after passing a course in Medical Lab Technology in Bhubaneswar?


Radiology Technician:

You can work as a radiographer and helps radiologists during prolonged and complex radiological investigations. As an X-ray Technician, you might have to inject chemical mixtures during X-rays for some types of investigations. You need to place body parts properly under X-ray machines, but take care to shield them from direct exposure to X-rays. It is important to operate the machine properly, to get pictures of proper detail, contrast and density, and prepare the reports to be sent to the radiologist for examination and analysis.


Pathology Technician:

As a Pathology Technician, you can get work in pathology labs in hospitals and clinics in Bhubaneswar, as well as in pharmaceutical companies, urologist’s office, research labs and more. You need to be able to perform various types of pathological investigations, which include preparing of samples, collecting body fluids, analyzing tissue samples, preparing vaccines, blood grouping and simple blood count smear.


Optical Laboratory Technician:

You have to work with Opticians and Optometrists, and assist them as well as be involved in checking eye conditions, visual defects etc and determine which glasses can help correct vision problems. You need to make visual aids ready, offer vision therapy, prepare contact lenses etc after using special devices to test the eyes and prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses. Your job will demand that you prepare lenses according to the prescriptions of optometrists with the help of grinding methods, and make adjustments to eyeglasses to ensure a better fit.


Other than such careers, you can also find employment in the academic field. Those graduating with a B.Sc degree course in Clinical Laboratory Science can pursue a career in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. You can find 3 types of courses being offered by universities and colleges in Bhubaneswar in Medical Lab Technology, including Certificate Program for 1 year, Diploma Course for 2 years and Bachelor’s Degree for a period of 3 years. Bachelor’s Degree offers the most in-depth knowledge while others are short-term but more affordable programs.