Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Centurion University`s campuses comprise of all the requisite infrastructure and facilities to cater to the needs of the residents and visitors. The academic facilities comprise of library, lecture theatres, conference and meeting rooms.  Residential facilities includes quarters, guest houses and hostels. Central mess, guest house dining rooms caters to the residents. A dedicated restaurant and market complex provides customized healthy food options for students. Sports and fitness are given utmost importance and it includes gymnasiums, open gymnasiums, cricket field, volley ball court and basketball court. A dedicated swimming pool is open for students and staff members. Ayurveda Wellness Centre gives naturopathy and specific massage treatment. Healthcare facilities on campus includes both primary and secondary medical care at Community Diagnostics Center. It also has ophthalmological consultations and subsidized optical shop sponsored by Esiilor. The campuses are located away from the city to ensure tranquility. A dedicated fleet of buses and mini vehicles cater to need staff and students.  The University ensures highest degree of safety and zero tolerance towards pollution of any kind. All of its campuses are honk free and adheres to safe speed limits. Staying beyond city limits has enabled the University to nurture a lush green campus with an in-situ ecosystem of Bees Butterflies and Cactus. The thriving ecosystem and green campus are boon of clean water and sanitation facilities. It enables to recycle the waste water and carry out rainwater harvesting. The important facilities are listed below:

Academic Facilities

University campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art lecture halls with internet connectivity for video conferencing. The central libraries of each campuses have plethora of domain specific study materials, e-books and access to research papers. All the campuses have high speed and seamless internet connectivity. The central board room, Gallery Hall 01 and Gallery Hall 02 are equipped with high end connectivity setup which enables faculty and students to attend online conference, workshop and all the requirements which requires audio visuals.

Lecture theatres with high-speed internet connectivity with facility for live interaction caters to the needs of the students for video conferencing and participating in live webinars and conferences.

A 120+ capacity Gallery Hall 01 is used for conducting Faculty meetings, Lectures and Seminars.  It is also used for meetings for Culture Sports and Responsibility and other variegated purposes

Gallery Hall 02

A 120+ capacity Gallery  Hall 02 is used for conducting placement drives , Group Discussions and Bootcamps .  


The University campuses are connected with high-speed internet facility which are accessible for students, staff members and guest users.


The Auditorium  at the University is used for various social, cultural and educational events that take place in the campus.

Residential Facilities

University campuses have residential infrastructure for staff and students. Staff who desire to stay on campus are accommodated in the quarters and students are accommodated in hostels. There are separate hostels for both boys, girls and international students. University`s guest houses are available to parents and visitors on request.

Guest House

On campus air-conditioned guest houses are available for visitors, parents and others on request. The guest houses have in-house dining facility and free laundry services.



On campus hostels are available for both boys and girls with in-house mess facility. A dedicated hostel caters to the need of international students.

 Staff Quarter

On campus staff quarters are available for staff members. They are of variegated type including studio apartments, stand-alone quarters and bungalows.

Mess and Other Facilities

University campuses have adequate dining facilities for everyone. Central mess caters to boys and all staff members. Separate dining facilities caters to girls. Scottish Café serves customized food orders to everyone and the orders are placed using an android application. The central market complex has variety of customized and healthy food options. Centurion Coffee Connect is a place where freshly brewed coffee is sipped with a munch of snacks. It is also a place where students learn marketing and service skills.


A dedicated central mess and standalone mess in girls hostels and international students hostels caters to students dietary requirements. It serves meals of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan style.

Centurion Coffee Connect

Freshly brewed coffee with healthy munching is available at Centurion Coffee Connect. It prepares coffee of several variant and serves it to both staff members and students. A point noteworthy here is, it is completely managed by students of Business Administration.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

University campuses are equipped with indoor and outdoor sports facility. Facilities like basketball, volley ball and cricket caters to the students, staff and also hosts participatory games.  Facilities like  gymnasium besides catering to fitness endeavors also serves academic facility for skill courses. The Open Gymnasium is at easy access of every individual and the facilities aids in different exercises including stretching, crunches and many others. Similarly, Ayurveda Wellness Centre engages the students to earn while learn model of education. It carries out various naturopathy therapies besides different massage specific to health need of the client.


University emphasizes on fitness through all round approaches. Yoga and meditation classes are carried out every morning and evening by a dedicated Yoga teacher.


A dedicated basketball coach trains the students on this game. Besides playing the Basketball is offered as a skill course.


Cricket ground is used by students for regular games. The ground is also used for inter-state cricket tournaments.


A dedicated Volleyball coach trains the students on this game. Besides playing the Volleyball is offered as a skill course. There were several students who have represented the University in this competition at the state level.

Gymnasium and open gymnasium

A dedicated gym with all equipment caters to staff and faculty members. The gymnasium hosts body building competition besides training the students. An open Gymnasium with adequate facility is accessible to everyone.

Transport Facilities

The University runs fleet of transport services to adjoining cities and to the campus. To cater special needs fleet of mini vehicles are also available. A point noteworthy here is all the repair and maintenance work is carried out by an inhouse team along with students as a part of experiential learning. Intra-campus mobility is ensured by electric vehicles.


Bus Fleet of vehicles and Ambulance

University is located off the city limits to ensure tranquillity and calmness. A dedicated fleet of buses ply to different locations. Besides buses there a fleet of light motor vehicles to ensure mobility. 24X7 ambulance service is available to meet any medical emergencies.


The University manufactures e-vehicles both for in-house use and for the market. These e-vehicles provide a green solution to the rapid depletion of the non-renewable resources, and it helps curbing pollution.