Knowledge Resource Center

Knowledge Resource Center

Section Vizianagaram
Circulation Section 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM on working day
Reference Section 9.00 A.M to 9.00 P.M
Periodicals and News Paper 9.00 A.M to 9.00 P.M
Digital Library Everyone can access the e resources from any place and any time inside the Campus as the campus is Wi-Fi Campus.
Library is closed on every 2nd Saturday


  1. Circulation Service
  2. Reference Service
  3. Referral Service
  4. Current Awareness
  5. Inter Library Loan Service (ILL)

Membership & Borrowing Entitlement:

Sl No User type Issue type Entitlement Borrowing Period Fine
1 Students Text issue 3 books 7 days Rs-5 after due date
Overnight issue 1 book 18 hour Rs-50 after due Hr.
2 Staff Text/Ref. issue 3 books 90 days Rs-50 after due date
3 Faculty Text/Ref. issue 5 books 90 days Rs-50 after due date

Library rules: ACCESS POLICY:

  • All registered students, staff and faculty of CUTM, AP are eligible for Library membership. Library may consider the temporary membership for visiting faculty on special request and due approval from the higher authority.
  • Books to the borrower will be issued only through ID cards and he/she will be responsible for the books issued.
  • Computers, Laptops, Mobile and internet, Wi-Fi access is strictly for the use of e-material and e- resources access only for academics.
  • The time limit for desktop access is one hour or till next user comes to use after one hour. On non availability of systems, student has to leave the library.


  • Library users to sign the gate register during entry and exit. .
  • Discipline to be maintained in the library. .
  • Access to the library premises will be permitted to users in proper uniform and ID cards only. .
  • Book/material will be issued by the library staff at the circulation desk. Any attempt to exit the library with material that has not been issued will be considered theft. Henceforth ensure proper check out while issuing books. .
  • Any attempt of marking, highlighting, underlining, writing upon, folding pages, cut, rip or removing pages will be considered mutilation of library material. The borrower will be held responsible and the incidents of theft or mutilation will be reported to University authorities and a fine is imposed as per the discrimination of librarian. .
  • The last borrower of the book will be held responsible for any damage to the book and will be liable to pay a fine to the extent of double/triple the cost of the book. Henceforth it is advised to check the book(s) before borrowing. Also note to bring damage if any to the notice of the librarian. .
  • Books brought by the students are to be mentioned in the possession register with personal details while checking in and out. .
  • Users have to submit any book or personal material for inspection on the request of the library staff at the library exit for verification. .
  • Belongings should be left outside the library at the risk and responsibility of the owner. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage. .
  • Any verbal or physical abuse against the library staff will be treated as a violation of the University’s code of conduct and a fine will be imposed on the student. .
  • Complete silence should be maintained in the library premises, except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff at library counters. .
  • Arrangement of chairs shouldn’t be disturbed. .
  • Eating, drinking or smoking is strictly prohibited in the library. .
  • Electronic gadgets like Mobile, Laptop, Tab etc., are allowed for e-learning. However creating any disturbance or noise or misuse such as; talking loud, chatting or using gadgets without ear phones is liable to a fine or cancellation of member ship. .
  • The library follows international copyright laws; complete books or journal issues cannot be photocopied. .
  • The library management reserves the right to suspend or withdraw library privileges from any person who contravenes regulations, and to report such cases to the appropriate University authorities for further action under the University’s disciplinary procedures.


  • Journals are not included in the circulations.
  • Circulation books are loaned only to the borrower.
  • Books should be returned on or before the due date.
  • Recalls for borrowed materials are made from time to time personally or through general notice for the following reasons:
    • Materials are long overdue.
    • Urgent need by other library customers, even if not due.
    • Inventory purposes.
  • Single copy can’t be circulated and will remain in the library for reference.
  • Multivolume books with uniform title/series are shelved in the same location.

Note: We encourage our students, staff, scholars & faculties to have their own books for text; library books are only for reference