University Jatni Campus has a well equipped Hostel libraries for both Boys and Girls in their respective hostels with a number of books available on various subjects. The library not only contains standard books of top publishers but also has a number of spectacle journals available for reference by students and staff. These Hostel libraries are managed and maintained by Students commity.


The University takes interest in providing ample opportunities and facilities for sports and games activities. It aims at the holistic development of each student and the sports club activities have an important role in this. It takes pride in providing the students with a cemented basketball court, volleyball court, shuttle badminton court, football court, cricket court, athletic field and gymnasium facilities. The college also provides indoor facilities for table tennis, carroms and chess. We feel happy and fulfilled that our students make the best use of the facilities provided.


A Guest House with all modern facilities is functioning inside the college campus. It has the decent capacity to accommodate visiting faculty, University Guests and parents. The guesthouse has got 16 rooms. All the rooms are well furnished, air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled.

Accommodation in guest house is provided on pre informed reservation basis.


The CIT campus has eight stores that provide the students with daily necessities including Snacks, cool drinks,Recharges,Fruit Juices ,and the shops also arrange birthday cakes.

Centurion Fast food & Variety Stores

Contact person – Ranjan Kumar Sahoo
Contact No. – 9861237151
Timing – 9.00 A.M – 2.00 P.M
4.00 P.M – 10.00 P.M

Jhil Mil Variety Stores

Contact person – Akshaya kumar Dash
Contact No. – 9861247385
Timing – 10.00 A.M – 2.00 P.M
4.00 P.M – 10.00 P.M



The canteen serves a variety of delicious and healthy dishes both for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians, at a minimal cost. The menu is regularly modified as per seasonal cycles and desired choices. We have food committees formed from amongst students to ensure the quality of the food and proper maintenance of canteens.CIT campus have two canteens for boys and one canteen for Girls.

The food provided by the Canteens are:







Rice, Dalma ( Desi Ghee Chunka),Tomato,Khajur Khatha / Owu Khatha (Alternative) and Finger Chips

Rice ,Poori (5 Pcs),Alu Kasa, Dal Fry, Khiri / Bundia (Alternative)


Rice, Dal, Potala Aloo Curry , Ambula Rai and Aloo Bharta .

Rice ,Roti,Dal ,Chana Masala (V), Egg Tadka (NV) and Papad


Rice, Dal, Janhi Aloo Posto OR Beasara Curry (Sajna Chhui ,Badhi. Baingana , Aloo) and Sweet Pickle

Rice ,Roti, Dal ,Chilly Paneer (V) , Chicken Aloo Masala (NV) and lemon.


Rice, Dal, Pakudi Aloo Curry, Dahi Boondi,Papad

Jeera Rice ,Roti, Dal fry, Buta Dali Ghanta ( Aloo Kakharu ,Coconut ) ,Potato Onion Bhaja and Gulab Jamun .


Rice, Dal, Potala Aloo Curry , Ambula Rai and Mix Bhaja (Aloo,Potala,Kankada,Bins)

Rice ,Roti, Dal , Paneer Mutter Masala / Soyabin Chilly (Alternative) (V) , Egg Aloo Masala (NV) and Papad


Rice, Dal, Gabbage with Munda Chenchda (NV),Cabbage Curry (v) and Mixed Raita

Rice ,Roti, Dal Fry, Potala Kurma with Coconut (V)

(3 pcs) , Fish Aloo Masala (NV) , All Malpua


Rice, Dal, Dali Bada Curry, Egg Curry , Dahi Baingan and Papad

Veg Fried Rice , Dal Fry, Butter Paneer Masala (V) , Chicken Curry (NV) OR Chilly Chicken and Salad with Lemon (alternative)

Compulsory Items – Salt, Chilly







Rice, Dalma ( Desi Ghee Chunka), Mixed Bhaja and Papad

Rice ,Roti, Dal Fry, Alu Piazi Curry,Sweet(Rasogola)


Rice, Dal, Jani Posto OR Beasara Curry (Sajna Chhui ,Badhi. Baingana ,Aloo) and Bhendi Khatha

Rice ,Roti, Dal fry, Paneer Capsicum Bharta or Paneer Curry (V) and Fish(NV) ,Mix Bhaja


Rice, Dal ,Ghanta-(NV with Chingudi), Veg Ghanta, Papad

Rice ,Roti, Dal Fry, Mutter Paneer (V) , Chicken Curry (NV) and Salad (Lemon)


Rice, Dal, Alu Chakata(Onion), Cabbage Mutter OR Pakudi Curry ,Papad

Fried Rice ,Poori (6 Pcs), Dal fry, Alu-Dum and Khiri


Rice, Dal, Baigan Bhaja, ,Besana-Dhoka Currey,Raita

Rice ,Roti, Dal fry, , Egg-Alu Masala (NV) and Veg Manchurian ,Salad


Khichidi(with dali), Dalma, , ,Alu Bharta,Dahi Bundi

Rice ,Roti, Dal Fry, Veg Kofta (V) , Fish Masala (NV) ,Bhaja


Rice, Dal, Mushroom Curry, Egg Curry and Dahi Baingan,Papad

Rice,Roti,Dal,Chicken Curry,Paneer Masala,Salad

Alternative Biriyani Mixed with Chicken (NV),Veg Biriyani & Panerer ,Kachumbar

Compulsory Items – Salt, Chilly, Pickle



University has taken steps to ensure home atmosphere to the students. We have a good hostel facility with a healthy environment that enables the students to share a good relation with each other and help them concentrate better on their. academics…

Along with esteemed education and healthy accommodation facilities university also offers delicious and hygenic food and best canteen facilities wherein the members of the institution enjoy an option to choose their preferences apart from those available in the daily routine..

Along with seperate menu, the university has employed experienced chefs to ensure equal protection of interest of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian members of the institution.

The Details of Hostels with Capacity are:
Sl No.Hostel No.No. of roomsNo.of Beds
1Hostel No-160180
2Hostel No-256228
3Hostel No-368340
4Hostel No-452260
5Hostel No-570355
6Hostel No-670355

Health Center


“If wealth is lost nothing is lost but if health is lost everything is lost”. Good health is always the first priority for any individual. We offer Regular Health check-ups for students and staff within the university premises .The Institution has access to nearby medical centres and hospitals for any emergency purposes. Ambulance service is also available

Health center & Ambulance

Contact person Jogesh ch. Mishra
Contact No. – 9437408847