School of Engineering and Technology in Bhubaneswar

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School of Engineering and Technology in Bhubaneswar

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Centurion University’s School of Engineering and Technology (SoET) is an open platform for diverse voices where learning is integrated to the real world and students are groomed to join the global workforce. Students at SoET benefit from the industry domain-based curriculum taught in over 60 industry-sponsored production labs. It focuses on projects, products, and production, fostering a thriving start-up culture. All disciplines are immersed in smart engineering technologies, making them capable of multidisciplinary thinking and problem-solving. A student-centric pedagogy, project-based approach and design-driven curriculum provide students with an inclination for complex problem solving, design, innovation, and a passion for learning. The university adopts flexible pedagogy, which encourages multidisciplinary thinking with a problem-solving focus. Adopting the cafeteria approach (CBCS) to learning, students can also pick any specialized domain from any discipline based on their passion and interest. The mission of SoET through its various programs is to build individuals who are technically competent, community-centric, and driven to make transformational change. With the implementation Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 tools and technologies, students are prepared to be the workforce of the future