School Of Paramedics & Allied Health Sciences

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The School of Paramedics and Allied Health Sciences is dedicated to strengthening the workforce of the healthcare industry. The focus is on providing dedicated programs to empower all health sector staff (excluding the doctors) with knowledge and skills they need to excel in their respective specializations. It has technology programs in Optometry, MLT, Radiology Physiotherapy, Anaesthesia, Clinical Microbiology, and many more. Most equipments are sponsored by renowned companies, which include the leading French optical brand ‘Essilor’. The school implements a hands-on practice component for students through its 40+ hospital partnerships. They get to work with hospitals like Apollo Care, L. V. Eye Hospital, Vijaya Diagnostic, Vizag Eye Hospital (VISAKHA), etc., from the first year itself. In addition, some programs have a full one-year internship. The school also successfully runs its community diagnostic centers to help serve the nearby communities. Accredited by the Odisha Govt. (DMET) and Andhra Pradesh Govt., and having an impressive list of industry partnerships, The school assures placement at the end of the program.