Why Entertainment is Necessary for Today’s Education

We all have heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”. This is one of the most famous sayings that counsellors around the world use to educate the importance of making studies fun for students’ life. In this fast-paced world, where the competition has peaked at an all-time high and is only going to increase from here, the need for a well-blended education system that doesn’t bulk a student with books is more necessary than it has been ever in history.

Our today’s agenda would be to showcase to our readers how we can include activities and an interactive environment in an education system. One can obviously create his own way of teaching that may have better efficiency, but in the core, every system will have the same principle. And that is to curate students with a well-blended education system for the maximum growth in their intellect.

Ways to make education fun and interactive

Help students create a healthy environment where competition is not taken literally but in a healthy way

Words go into your brain much easier when you don’t feel the sense of “have to do it somehow” or competition almost every time in your head. And this is the same for everyone else too. Faculties in all colleges should balance the scale between healthy competition and a healthy learning environment. This can be done by encouraging students in group activities which often showcase students’ best abilities. And when a person is able to contribute healthily in an activity, his mindset would automatically enjoy doing it, and he would always try to do better, which will help him/her in the long run directly.

Be interactive with students, make things interactive

Studies need not be boring. And with the introduction of technology, try to harness the power of the latest gadgets always. And the biggest point is, you don’t even have to have an extravagant set-up to be interactive. Small things like even a smart board would increase the interaction of the class by a lot of margins. Use visual aids to help students understand the concepts.

Guest lecturers so that students can learn more than the curriculum

Don’t limit the students till your college curriculum. But let them explore the outer world from time to time so that they get to know how the theories they get to learn inside the campus are used in the normal world. This is because reading a theory and actually knowing how it is happening is a different thing in itself. And who else can let students know more about industry practices than the industry experts themselves? Hence, guest lectures are one of those educative sessions that give one of the best practical knowledge to a budding student.


Education is more interesting than most students, and even faculty thinks! This is because a fun-filled classroom session not only helps a student grow but also the faculty to understand the psychology of the student. Once you develop a good relationship and environment in the class, everything just goes hand in hand.