Computer Science will remain the top branch in engineering by Impact of Covid-19

The pandemic Covid-19 has ravaged homes and countries the world over, and affected millions of people across the globe. It has struck the economy and livelihoods hard, and the academic sector has been highly impacted as well. At a time when students are facing a tough time and wondering about which educational courses would be the best for them, Computer Science and Engineering seems to be one of the best engineering branches that will be here for a long time to come, especially due to the impact of Covid-19. Find out why this is expected.

1) Lockdowns and remote working

With Covid-19 cases surging and dropping every now and then, and lockdowns being imposed and relaxed within a span of a few days, or sometimes even a few hours, no country is free from these restrictions. Thus, digital communication and remote working appears to be here to stay for a long time. As many industry bigwigs feel, such a work scenario would be here to remain for much time. Also, more and more people and businesses would like to be digital literate in the next few years. This only means that the demand for people proficient in Computer Science and Engineering would be more.

2) Profusion of digital jobs

It can easily be understood that as of now, as it appears, Covid-19 seems to be unstoppable. Although vaccination was being seen as a great way to stop this menace – and it has been effective to some extent – it is not the lasting solution. And with the Novel Coronavirus changing its strain after every few months, stopping this disease appears to be impossible for at least a few years now.

This only means that digital jobs would be the future in the years to come, and more and more people would like to improve their proficiency in computers and digital technologies. This is something that only an educational background in Computer Science and Engineering can provide students with.

3) Wide range of career options

With more people being forced to use digital technologies, computers and mobile phones, digital advertisements and digital ways of communicating appear to be the norm rather than an exception today. And the fact that there is less going out, courtesy of strict guidelines on social distancing and lockdowns, it can easily be understood why jobs related to the internet and computers are going to be more popular in the times to come.

There are plenty of jobs like Software Developer, Game Developer, App developer, Data Analyst, Information security specialist and more. After a solid academic training in the domain of Computer Science and Engineering, it can be easier to find work in the entertainment industry, advertisement industry, mobile phone industry and more.

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