Top Engineering Fields That Offer The Best Opportunities

Engineers are the ones who bring ideas to life. Without engineers, all the theories would probably remain in the books, and no major practical creation would be there in the world. And therefore, with the vast amount of opportunities you get in the field of engineering, it is very hard to learn and know about every branch in detail before you select one for your studies. Our today’s agenda would be to let our readers know about all the major engineering branches they can pursue in India and also get to know about the various opportunities they will get once they pass out from their respective colleges. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin our read to know more about engineering life.

Branches in Engineering

Computer Science

Considered one of the most sought-after branches in India and worldwide, Computer Science engineering is ruling the world of engineering like a king. The branch deals with students handling and working with computer languages that enable the world of tech we know today. And with all the development that is happening around the world, major fields of CSE are becoming emerging branches year by year.

By pursuing CSE, you can become:-

  • Research Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Systems database admin
  • Computer programmer
  • Data warehouse analyst
  • AI & ML specialists and many more


Mechanical is said to be an evergreen branch because of the value it gives to the world. In a layman’s language, the engineering of any possible moving thing in this world comes under the field of a mechanical engineer. Now it can be your car, which is in automobile engineering, or the engine of a bus or the plane to your clock, even the flow of water which is taught in fluid mechanics! The world cannot live without mechanical engineers as they are one of the most important parts of the development of the world.

By pursuing mechanical engineer, you can become:-

  • Automotive engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • CAD-CAM technician
  • Instrumentation and control engineer and many more


This branch studies specifically the procedures to generate, transport, manage and transform electricity to other energy forms. Also, one of the most important branches since nothing in this world can work without electricity. Therefore, the responsibility of making the world electrical efficient is in the hands of talented Electrical engineers.

If you want to pursue electrical engineering, you can consider becoming:-

  • Electrical engineer
  • Engineering associate
  • Electrical design engineer and many more


If you shrink the world of electrical into tiny circuit boards, there comes the part where electronics engineers come. They research and develop the world of electronic gadgets we know today. All the remotes, mobiles, laptops, sensors are made by some of the greatest electronics engineers.

By pursuing electronics engineer, you can become:-

  • Software engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Communication manager
  • Electronics specialists and many more


The world of engineering doesn’t end here. There are many more branches that can be pursued if you are interested enough. Some of the branches that people like to pursue and we haven’t mentioned above are:-

  1. Civil engineer
  2. Biotech engineer
  3. Biomed engineer
  4. Chemical engineer
  5. Agriculture engineer
  6. Aerospace engineer
  7. Aeronautical engineer, etc.