What are Top Engineering Streams in 2021 and their Scope?

If you have completed your intermediate exams or happen to be in a similar situation, you might be confused in picking the most suitable course. In case you would like to take up an engineering stream, it is important to take into account all the possible options in engineering that are available, and pick one that is most suitable for your needs. Here are some of the top engineering streams in 2021, and the scope as well as career opportunities associated to the same.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

As a Electronics and Communication Engineer, you have to deal with all the digital transmission of data – like wave progression, microwave engineering and satellite communications, as well as the basic electronics systems. You can find work as a Service engineer, Technical director, Software Analyst, R&D Software engineer or Network planning engineer. There are plenty of useful job offers for engineering students, after their graduation, and they can find work in reputed organizations such as IES, NTPC, BSNL, BHEL, BEL HPCL, ISRO, DRDO and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the top options in engineering. This is a course which is aimed at helping learners know about how heavy machinery works. In this field of engineering, Materials science, Physics and Engineering are assessed in a proper way and applied. When you finish this engineering course, you can easily take up a good job at organizations like Royal Enfield, MRF etc. Upon getting a B. Tech Mechanical degree in engineering, you can get work as a Mechanical Engineer, Marine Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Contracting Civil Engineer or CAD Technician.

Civil Engineering

When you pursue Civil Engineering, you take up the responsibility of designing, making and maintaining roads, bridges, dams, parks and other physical construction environments. It is easy to find rewarding jobs in organizations like BHEL, NTPC etc as Structural engineer, Site engineer, Contracting civil engineer, Consulting civil engineer, Building control surveyor, CAD technician, Design engineer, Rural and Urban Transport engineer, Water engineer and more.

IT Engineering/ Computer Science Engineering

In a situation where the Covid-19 pandemic is raging on and refusing to die down, it is being felt that computers, internet and digital communication will be the way of the future. Thus, there is a need for IR engineering and you can be assured of getting good jobs upon the completion of computer science engineering course. You can find work as Data Engineering, Process Engineer and more.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is certainly one of the most important branches of engineering study that is offered in India. Students who have enrolled for the course can learn about the ways to design, develop, produce, test and supervise the creation of many types of electrical and electronic products, machineries and equipments. Some of the products that electrical and electronic engineers can work on developing are power generation systems, broadcasting and telecommunication systems, lights and wiring components in building complexes, controls of machinery, electric motors, vehicles, navigation and radar systems, aircraft control systems and transmission devices along with IT based systems.