Sectoral Focus

CIE is sector agnostic and welcomes applications from all sectors in any stage. To name a few sectors –

  • Agriculture & allied fields
  • Healthcare
  • Education & Skill Development
  • Alternate Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Art & Craft
  • Fashion & Retail

Why Us

Centre for Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Gateway to World of Hope and Possibilities…..

Some of the best ideas and products do not see the light of the day because their makers are apt to develop them but inept at promoting them. Companies often do not fall apart because they do not offer a service that is much needed but they are unable to reach their desired audience. This a GAP that is most felt by any innovator or entrepreneur during the early days of development and this is the widest GAP that exist in the market. Making the entrepreneurs meet the right investor for seed fund, doing market research on right lines, developing product on user’s need based and finally reaching the paying customers, all the activities require mentorship. Even more than money, its the right direction that decides the fate of an entrepreneur/innovator/inventor/businesses.

We, at Centre for Innovators & Entrepreneurs understand what it takes for your business to take off and come with the best resources and experience to make your ideas a reality. We are a recognized Incubator of Startup Odisha and MSME, Govt. of India and are a partner & implementing agency to many more schemes and programs.

Why should you join us

  1. Subsidized Incubation
    1. Physical space with plug-n-play facilities
    2. Free cloud space for a limited period
    3. Advisory Services for a nominal fee
  2. Quality Mentorship
    1. Industry / Domain Experts
    2. Different mentors for different stages of startup
  3. Access to the state-of-the-art labs and research facilities
    1. 3D Printer/Scanner for developing Prototyping
    2. 5 AXIS CNC Machine for Prototyping purpose for all axes
    3. AR/VR Labs for designing the innovations in simulating environment
  4. Market validation for the Product/Services (β testing)
  5. Workshops focused on building competencies and capabilities
  6. Engage in accelerators (cohort based) and be a part of many competitions and events
  7. Funding opportunities (Angel, VC, FI’s, Grants etc.)


To support and mentor more than 100 startups by 2022, with a valuation of 100 crores, creating avenues for more than 1000 entrepreneurs and touching the lives of millions of beneficiaries by providing all the necessary hand holding in terms of Market access, Funding avenues, Mentoring, Capacity building and competency/skill augmentation, access to R&D labs, networking opportunities and physical infrastructure to sustain the entrepreneurial trek.


The very aim and vision of CIE is to provide holistic and rational support to aspiring entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas to scale. The idea may be pertinent to any stage:

  • Concept to Prototype
  • Protype to Market testing/validation
  • Market to Revenue
  • Revenue to Scale

Through its inclusive approach, CIE strives to leverage the knowledge of the academia of CUTM, the robust mentor pool and different market players associated with the University to offer the best incubation platform to the startups. The very mantra of CIE hovers on “Wantapreneurs to Entrepreneurs” which resonates with the University’s skill status

About US

CIE, Center for Innovators and Entrepreneurs is a wing under Centurion Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Facilitation Centre, which is a Section (8) Not for Profit company under Centurion University of Technology & Management. CIE is the designated identity playing the anchor-sheet for the entrepreneurship development in that ecosystem. CSTEFC, the social vertical of CUTM has been in the forefront imparting social impact programs viz., employability skills and entrepreneurship and through its different projects facilitates enterprise-based solutions to create lasting change. Its path-breaking approach has won many a hearts and gathered lot of laurels