5 Top Reasons to do MBA after B.Com – Exploring Advantages and Career Opportunities!

With the growth in multinational brandings and corporations, there is increased demand for thoroughly skilled professionals to find solutions to various business issues. A degree programme in Business Administration i.e., MBA helps remarkably to find solutions to such challenges as it offers you a deeper comprehension of the business landscape and enhances your professional as well as personality development. Though MBA course does not have any discipline-specific requirements, it is particularly a great choice for B.Com graduates. If you are wondering why this is the case, the reasons below can shed ample light.

1. Easy to Grasp Curriculum

A Bachelor in Commerce degree offers basic knowledge of economics, business planning, marketing, finance, accounting and many such subjects. Acquaintance with these subjects can prepare you to pursue different jobs in various fields like banking, law, insurance, accounting, advertising, etc. Most of the topics included in B.Com syllabus are elaborated and given in-depth knowledge in MBA. Thus, students with B.Com graduation have an edge here as the crafted curriculum for MBA is often within their easy grasp for better understanding.

  1. Extensive fields of Specialisation

You may get several options for specialisation during your bachelor’s in Commerce degree. Some of them are Taxation, Marketing, Computers, etc. But, most of the times, there is a general degree i.e., B.Com (General) that provides knowledge in Commerce and Business. So, if you want to pursue education based on a specific industry or profession, choosing an MBA would be the best option to venture a specialist track. From Finance to Marketing and HR to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, you can specialize in anything.

3. Building Leadership and Managerial Acumen

An MBA is a recognised and highly credible degree that comes with industry-wise acceptability. Thus, many employers exclusively hire MBA graduates for managerial and leadership roles. Candidates with a business administration degree from leading B-Schools are considered fit for the corporate world due to their MBA-acquired knowledge and competence.

Your newly refined conceptual, technical, decision-making and interpersonal skills are crucial in almost every career field as is your strategic planning and problem-solving capabilities. These can make you a corporate manager, help you start a new business venture or earn a promotion in your current organisation.

4. Vast Career Scope

A B.Com degree provides you with the fundamental business perspective which is enhanced after you pursue an MBA Course. You can use these skills to get jobs not only in the private sector but also in the public or non-profit sectors. You can try for banks, retail, media, consumer durable industry and what not!

The powerful combination of these two degrees will highlight you from the crowd. As the job market in today’s world is highly competitive, it is vital to have the right academic qualification and credentials to grab the best offer.

5. High Salary

There is no doubt that one can earn a handsome salary after completing a degree in management. An MBA can increase your expected earnings to a great extent. Depending upon your experience, skills and the organisation you work for, your package can reach majestic levels. If you have good experience and knowledge of the business world, you can start your own company even!

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