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Paramedical courses, also known as allied health science, cover a wide area of study needed to help students become skilled healthcare professionals and serve the healthcare facility.

There are three types of course models to choose from if you aim to join the paramedical workforce:

  • Certificate courses in paramedical sciences
  • Diploma/ Advanced Diploma courses in paramedical sciences
  • Bachelor’s degree in paramedical sciences

Why Select Paramedics as a Career?

COVID revealed to mankind the significance of having accomplished and competent paramedics in the healthcare industry. The need for paramedical professionals is rising day by day, not just in India but overseas too.

On completing the basic course in one of the paramedical streams, you can get a job in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, government health departments, and even in universities or colleges as a lecturer. You can also open your own clinics or laboratories.

The growth and career opportunities as a paramedic are immense. It is a profitable career path to choose.

Scope of Paramedical Sector

The projected growth for healthcare occupations is about 16%; this field will add more jobs than any other occupation. The growing and aging population, unanticipated pandemic, and increasing healthcare awareness have led to an increase in the number of hospitals which in turn require skilled paramedics to provide premium medical care to their patients.

There will always be a requirement for qualified paramedics in the healthcare industry. After completing your Intermediate/HSC/12th, you must enroll yourself in a good institute offering paramedical courses. It will help you gain the skills and training required to transform into a knowledgeable paramedic.

Scopes in Job Profiles of Paramedical Courses

Completing a paramedical course successfully will allow you access to various job profiles such as:

Scope in Operation Theatre Technician (OTT) Course

OTT or Operation theatre technicians ensure that all surgeries are executed flawlessly. Besides this, they are also responsible for:

  • Transporting patients and preparing the patient
  • Preparing the operating room for surgery
  • Setting up, checking, connecting, and adjusting all surgical equipment
  • Offering technical assistance to surgeons
  • offering post-operation support to patients in the recovery room

Scope in Medical Lab Technician (MLT) Course

Medical Laboratory Technicians are health professionals who deal with diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases by performing clinical laboratory tests.

DMLT, or Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, is a short course that allows you to accomplish your career in less than three years. The job involves:

  • Collection, labeling, analyzation of samples
  • Performing laboratory tests
  • Conducting experiments to authenticate a hypothesis
  • Organizing and storing all dangerous chemicals as per the safety standards
  • Dutifully/Responsibly recording all data precisely
  • Maintaining all laboratory equipment

During the pandemic, MLTs have received a lot of attention, and the demand for accomplished professionals has peaked!

Scope in Hospital Administration (HA) Course

Certificate programs like Hospital Administration train students for various administrative positions in hospitals, health care centers, clinics, etc.

An effective team of hospital administrators is responsible for the efficient and smooth working of a hospital. A hospital administrator is responsible for:

  • Employee co-ordination
  • Policy compliance
  • Data management
  • Work processes and approaches for the betterment
  • Finances and more

Paramedical science, in the current days, has emerged as a significant branch of medical science. Paramedical courses present abundant opportunities for employment, especially as the healthcare industry seems to be expanding incessantly. Paramedics are the spine of the healthcare industry, and without them, it would be impossible for this industry to function.

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