Careers in Agriculture – What are some Emerging Ones?

Agriculture is a domain that has experienced a huge growth in the present times. There are innovations and research work going on continuously today, and the scope has widened as well. Know about some of the emerging careers in agriculture.

Agricultural Engineering

It aids in designing, creating as well as improving manufacturing processes, machinery and farming equipment, which can boost farming activities. As an Agricultural Engineer, you have to visit work sites and make sure that your processes and equipment are properly working. Here, the main focus is on areas like rural electricity, drainage & irrigation, soil conservation, rural structures and farm equipment.


If you love gardening, and want to have a garden of your own, with trees, vines, flowers and exotic plants, Horticulture can be the best career for you. It is the science of growth as well as cultivation of decorative flowers, ornamental trees, herbs, vegetables, fruits and more. As a Horticulturist, you have to improve the yield, nutritional value, growth and quality of produce.

Dairy Technology

This domain focuses on producing and processing milk. You have to manage milk production, and its storage, collection etc, as well as supervise the processing to ensure that the milk is ideal for consuming.   As a Dairy Technologist, you have to also focus on various other activities – such as storage, packaging and distribution of milk as well as its various by-products. This can ensure that quality as well as nutritional standards are satisfied as well.

Poultry Farming

As a Poultry Farmer, you have to raise ducks, chickens and other domestic birds, to procure eggs and meat. Most of the poultry farms focus on chicken raising to ensure proper supply of meat and eggs. You have to manage varied activities, such as transportation of the products, nutritional standards of the produce, feed supply, shed management and much more.

Fisheries Science

You have to study the breeding, habits and life of varied fish species. When you study this subject, you can learn the varied techniques of fish rearing via non-natural methods as well as how these can safely be conserved as well as transported.


This branch of agricultural science is involved with studying the crops as well as the soil that these grow in. You have to develop techniques which can improve soil usage and boost crops production. They carry out research in different areas, such as proper ways of controlling insects and weeds, management of soil moisture, proper methods of conservation, proper dates of sowing, preparation of good seedbeds, soil fertility restoration and more.

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