Cyber Security Analyst – A Demanding Career Choice You Must Know

In this era of digitalization, almost all businesses are required to create an online platform for interacting with prospective customers. Online presence has become a necessity for surviving in this competitive world. However, it is also the responsibility of businesses to keep the financial and private information of their customers safe since cyberattacks have now become quite common. With increasing cybercrime, the need for cybersecurity analysts has also risen in every industry worldwide. Unfortunately, despite the increasing demand, there is a lack of professionals specialising in cybersecurity.

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Cyber Security Analyst – Who is he?

The digital economy has increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals and it is like to create huge vacancies globally by the end of this year, 2021. A cyber security analyst is a professional who protects network, software and hardware of a computer system against any kind of cybercrime.Primary role of these analysts is to understand the IT structure of a company, monitor it all the time and keep an eye on any kind of threat that can breach their network security. Further, a cyber security analyst also has other responsibilities like –

  • Reporting

Cyber security analysts are responsible for creating a detailed report of the current happenings on a company’s network and evaluating them for weaknesses and strengths. They should carefully look for any sort of unusual activities over the network.

  • Evaluating weakness

A cyber security analyst should consistently check all networks of a company and search for weaknesses, if there is any, so that they can deal with it before any external threat.

  • Configuration tools

Cyber security analysts have to evaluate the need of a company’s system and use diverse tools like vulnerability management software, password protection and virus software for protecting the data of the company.

Essential Qualities Required for Becoming Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security analysts should have the expertise to detect any kind of cyber threat and malware and prevent security breaches.

  • Hacking

For understanding hacking process, a cyber security analyst has to think like hacker. In this way, he can foresee any cyber attack and prevent it from occurring.

  • Scripting

They should have basic knowledge of computer scripts and programming languages for understanding encoded threats and rewriting software if required.

  • Networking

A cyber security analyst should have the expertise to work with different networks understand their impact on the security of a company.

  • Operating Systems

A cyber security analyst should be able to work on various operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and so on.

Career Path of Cyber Security Analysts

There is not one particular path for becoming a cyber security analyst. However, one should have an IT background to have a successful career in the cyber security field. Many engineering colleges offer courses on cyber security but, if a person receives on-the-job training, then he can acquire a certification by additional education and training. Specialization in specific cyber security fields creates an attractive career. Once a person enters this field, he has to be updated with all kinds of latest innovations and acquire industry-relevant certifications.

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