Forensic Science – A Bright Career Option for Young Generation

What is forensic science? It is a branch of medical science that needs information from various disciplines like Information Technology, Physics, Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. Forensic science utilizes both law and science to provide unbiased scientific evidence which is used to unravel criminal investigations. Forensic experts have to collect evidence from crime scenes and use those for solving crimes. In an investigation team, a forensic expert has a significant role to play. Through education, training and experience these professionals gain accuracy in evidence collection. Forensic scientists should have good IT, analytical and communication skills. They are concerned even for the minutest detail.


A forensic scientist has diverse career options –

  • Forensic Toxicologist

They analyze the body fluids of an individual for determining whether any kind of chemicals, poisons or drugs are present. This helps to identify the cause of demise and make reports about what the dead person consumed before his death.

  • Forensic Science Tech

Forensic technicians work in big crime labs for analyzing various evidences of crime scenes. They examine from the smallest to the biggest slivers of evidence like fibers, hairs, glass pieces or fingerprints.

  • Forensic Pathologist

The pathologists are medically trained doctors. They perform autopsies on the victims for determining the actual reason for death and then report the manner of the death. The pathologists must have keen eyes so that they can determine the exact reason for death.

  • DNA Analyst

Do you know that DNA is found in skin, hair or blood? DNA evidence is very vital in convicting a suspected person for the crime he has committed. DNA analysts get specialized training for examining DNA evidence.

  • Digital Forensics Examiner

In this stream of forensic examination, hard drive or mobile phone are searched as evidence of the crime. Tests are also performed on cloned objects. Often devices are forensically cloned. They produce a detailed written report providing information about all evidence.

Therefore, if an individual is planning to choose a forensic expert as a career, then he should know this branch of study. Forensic science offers some rewarding and exciting career. The job of a forensic scientist is quite challenging but, at the end of the day, he receives a suitable reward. Thus, forensic science awaits a bright future for aspirants. Many renowned colleges are offering this Forensic Science course. After completion of the 12th standard examination, students should choose their career wisely.

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