How are Emergency Medical Technicians Important for the Healthcare Industry in India?

Every year, millions of people in India die due to road mishaps, cardiac ailments and other issues. With the help of dedicated, committed and trained emergency medical technicians, it is possible to save millions of lives. The job of an EMG Technician (EMG) can be found in bigger cities and towns. The jobs of firemen, volunteer EMTs etc are commonly relied on in small rural towns. Find out how they are essential for the Indian healthcare industry.

Offer emergency care that can save lives

EMG technicians happen to work as intermediaries for patients during medical emergencies. They can offer emergency care that can save lives off-site. They are able to move victims to various healthcare facilities, so that they can get effective medical attention. In the absence of such professionals, it can be tough enough for people at home, workplace or public place to get the medical care when they need it the most.

The healthcare system is more complex today, and there is thus a rise in demand in the Indian medical industry for trained healthcare professionals. According to a latest study published by the Public Health Foundation of India, a staggering 40% of healthcare professionals existing already in the industry are not trained enough due to the lack of superior training and well-arranged infrastructure.

Help serve ageing population

With the Indian population getting aged and older people suffering from more and more emerghencies that are related to health, there is a higher demand for trained emergency medical technicians. Due to Covid 19 and other associated ailments, there is a higher demand for EMTs – who will be needed to move patients between various health care facilities.

Helps emergency room physicians

These professionals stay in close contact with physicians in an emergency room. EMTs get stepwise directions from physicians that they are supposed to follow, and they convey the results of assessment to the ER back from medical monitors.

First and foremost, they evaluate patients in order to detect the extent and cause of ailments or injuries. EMTs offer medical care and are in charge of moving patients by ambulance to the hospital. The jobs of some emergency medical technicians include working with a medical flight team, and transporting injured or very sick patients to trauma centers of specialized types. They are also responsible for handling tasks that happen to be routine in form – such as keeping the ambulance in stock and cleaning the same following use each time.

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