How Can You Be a Professional Radiologist in Bhubaneswar?

A main element of diagnosis, Radiology has turned into an important component of modern medicine – as it is concerned with primary diagnosis that can be life-saving. Radiologists are doctors who are fully licensed and are involved in the medical imaging procedures. A fast-growing field, Radiology is an important element in diagnostic processes and is now playing a vital part in modern medicine. In the absence of radiologists, physicians would also have to handle the complex tasks of imaging and diagnosis. Without an effective diagnostic imaging process, they cannot treat patients in an efficient way. Here is how you can be a radiologist by profession in Bhubaneswar.

Get formal education:
You have to undergo at least 7 years of formal education in a medical subject. It has to begin with a bachelor’s degree that is focused on physics and biology, such as a premedical degree or MBBS. The study has to continue with postgraduate courses after MBBS course that specializes in radiology.

Fellowship or diploma programs:
After an MBBS program, you can also find fellowship or diploma courses available to enroll in and earn specialization as a Radiologist. As compared to other specialties, fellowship courses are important – as you can get the basic skills as a radiology student. You can also get the real-time expertise and experience that is necessary to become a professional Radiologist.

Interventional radiology:
When you complete it, you can even have the option of pursuing interventional radiology, which is a sub-specialization. It can let you perform a number of processes in the human body that are minimally invasive, with the aid of medical imaging techniques and equipment.

Other than this, you may also sit for the Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR). This is a test held by the Royal College of Radiologists. It can equip you with specialization in the domain of radiology. When you manage to pass all the 3 FRCR tests, you can be eligible for practicing in India, UK and most of the countries of Europe as a Radiologist.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Radiologist jobs will grow at a pace of 9% in the 2018–2028 period, and this is appreciable. After you finish the radiology course, you can pick from various career options. You can be a Radiologist (MD), Radiographer / Radiology Technologist, MRI Technician, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer / Ultrasound Technician, CT Scan Technologist / CAT Scan Technologist or even a Radiology Technician.

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