MBA Specializations in 2020-2021 – Which Ones are the Most Popular?

MBA (Master in Business Administration) courses are important for building a successful career in the business world. Know about some of the most popular MBA Specializations in 2020-2021.

MBA in Business Analytics & Big Data

It can be useful for learning about how to analyze and sort data, and have a worthwhile effect on organizations, based on the data. Students can find out about many concepts such as econometrics, marketing intelligence and predictive analysis.

MBA in Logistics Management

Students are trained to be a manager in industrial supply and chain management. The course curriculum is customized to match the set of skills needed for dealing with transportation services, inventory and goods.

MBA in International Business

Students can understand how workings of foreign trade management works, and understand the bets methods to raise exports and imports by conducting, analyzing and generating research.

MBA in Enterprise Management

It offers knowledge associated to ethics, global strategies, workings of multinational business and international finance and operations.

MBA in Marketing Management

It includes advanced research on various marketing concepts, advertising, distribution, selling, promotion, pricing, product design and market research & analysis.

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

This course aims to provide professionals – who would manage organizational workforce – with training and knowledge. It focuses on interview techniques, laws, retention tactics, labor laws, recruitment etc.

MBA in Financial Management

Students can understand important financial business functions such as operations management, data frameworks, promotion and bookkeeping. Professionals can also develop team-building and leadership skills.

MBA in Rural & Agri-Business

Such a course offers a complete insight into topics associated to the global market and the Indian agriculture market. Food processing, supply chain, soil management, farm planning etc are some topics that are taught.

MBA in Pharma & Health Care Management (PHCM)

It teaches students nursing, pharmaceutical administration, research, development etc, as well as advanced pharmaceutical management, advanced business concepts, enterprise management and more.

MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM)

It offers an overview of different subjects such as human resources, operations, finance and other topics that are associated to the tourism industry.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

The course offers the relevant skills, knowledge, network etc that are required for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

MBA in E-Commerce

It offers an advanced understanding of all the important business concepts, such as marketing, finance and general management. Students can also get help with decision-making, problem-solving, leadership, important business management skills and more.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

It offers extensive knowledge to students about planning of product flow to consumer from supplier, control, implementation etc.

MBA in Communications Management

The course teaches about business and communications, and aids students in becoming better decision-makers.

MBA in Artificial Intelligence

The course equips students with quantitative as well as technical expertise. They can have a strategic mindset which can support decision-making abilities driven by data.

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