Should women study engineering? – Some Reasons to Support the View

Constant evolution is seen in the engineering world and it is also gaining importance in global market. Now, studies show that greater number of women are opting for engineering in the last few decades. Women are getting attracted to this diverse and exciting field and are eager to avail the thriving career options.


  • Employers look for female engineers

Prosperity of a workplace depends on balance and diversity. In engineering profession, a discrepancy is noticed between women and men and women, being the minority, are highly valued sought after. Women are appreciated for their skills and also for the insight they bring into the profession. Thus, in other words, women have a bright future in engineering.

  • Women can change the world

With their ability to solve problems, engineers can solve a number of world’s big problems. Hence, in such a scenario, women engineers will have the opportunity to develop new technologies to have an improved way of living. For instance, you can devise ways to supply clean water to places which do not have access to it, can create new medical device for patients or can develop a more efficient home and car to enhance lifestyle. Thus, an engineer woman has endless possibilities to save lives.

  • Get a handsome salary

The field of engineering not only ensures a rewarding and flourishing career to women but also provides them a good pay. When an engineering graduate gets a full-time employment, he receives a handsome salary and has a secured financial career.

  • Get the chance to be creative

Working and studying in engineering gives a person the opportunity to become inventive. You can create, construct and design new and effective technologies and products. You also acquire the skill to solve several real-life problems in an efficient way. Moreover, engineering gives you the chance to collaborate with other professionals of other industries and produce impactful, original and innovative work.

  • Open to numerous career options

Today’s world greatly relies on technology and engineering, in this regard, equips an individual with essential skills to have a better living style. You get the scope to explore lots of roles that will further help you in discovering your dream work in any corner of the world. Women can organize their working hours according to their needs. Hence, there is a lot of flexibility in this field.

So, there is no reason for women to disregard engineering as a career option.

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