Simple Tips & Guidelines to Build a Career in Business Analytics

How to pursue a career in Analytics? What to do to have a successful career in Business Analytics? These are common questions that students usually ask to an expert. Well, Business Analytics is a wide subject but here we have tried to provide an overview of different aspects of this subject.


Analytics is subject to exponential growth. With increasing amount of data in digital form, there is also a high demand for faster and smarter data based decisions. Job prospect of a person with in-depth analytical skill is bright in the near future. Now, a newbie is usually confused regarding the best way of starting a career in Business Analytics. This difficulty is because of the following reasons –

  • The industry is in developing stage and so, it is not easy to find right guidance.
  • The terms “Business Analytics” or “Analytics” are used loosely and hence; people find it difficult to appreciate and understand its role.
  • The path leading to this field is not usually well laid and structured.


Like any other field, a career in analytics can also be approached in two different ways.

First Approach: Seek Employment in a Company that Provides Training on Necessary Skill

Companies having Analytics and using them on their daily decisions will hire such people. Though this approach is better than the other from future perspective, yet it requires investment and time, especially if the company does not have a structured training. The companies are popular for using some advanced Analytics, these are –

  • Analytic Consultancies – ZS Associates, Fractal, Absolutdata
  • Telecom Companies – Airtel, Vodafone, Idea
  • Insurance, Banking and Financial Services – HDFC, ICICI, American Express, Capital One
  • Technology Leaders – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google

One can enter these companies through internships as well. Thus, it is a good idea to become an intern in one of these companies when you get a break.

Second Approach: Acquire Certification of Business Analytics

These certifications provide the required technical skills but they cannot provide job experience. Hence, one has to take training for that. Some of the options are-

  • There are a number of renowned academic institutes offering certification course to people having work experience.
  • Freshers can also seek admission to various institutes for certification courses. Pursuing these courses increases the chance of employment in the best companies.


Above mentioned approches are some of the ways of beginning a career in Analytics. There are other ways of increasing awareness regarding this field. Here are a few of them –

  • Read about Analytics continuously through different communities and blogs.
  • You can also attend conferences, meet and forums of various industries to understand the subject better.
  • Going for internships is a wonderful way of starting a career because internships give flavor of work before you actually enter the competitive market.
  • Find ways to communicate with people in this industry as this is the best source of information.

Thus, these are some effective ways of starting a career in Business Analytics.

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