Top Career Paths after B.Pharm Course in Bhubaneswar, Odisha ?

An undergraduate degree course, B.Pharm or B.Pharmacy involves the study of pharmaceutical engineering, drug doses, medicinal chemistry, medicine, drugs and more. Students often wonder what kind of jobs awaits them after completing such an academic program. Here are some that you can know about.  Top B.pharm Colleges in Bhubaneswar Odisha is providing all opportunities to B.pharm Students.

Clinical Research Associate

 After the completion of a B.Pharm course, you can become a data validation associate, Clinical Research Associate (CRO) or medical underwriter. You can get many doors opened up for you, which can provide your career with the excellent start that it needs.

Community Pharmacist

 You have to dispense and distribute medicines. As a community pharmacist, you would be working under legal and ethical guidelines and have to ensure that proper and safe medicines are delivered to the public in general. You need to directly face the customers and provide them with information and advice about their health in general.

R&D Scientist

 You have to fix technological or scientific confusions in medicinal projects, and use your knowledge and acumen to deal with major responsibilities.

Drug Inspector

You have to monitor the quality, safety and utility of a medicine from when it is manufactured to when it is delivered to a retail store. It is important to be committed and patient to be successful in this field.

Quality Control Associate

As a Quality Control Associate, you have to apply, develop, maintain and revise quality standards of materials that are processed fully or partially. It is possible to apply for many government jobs of this type.

Scientific Writer

You have to cover all those domains that are advancing fast in the domain of pharmacy. It is possible to report exciting and landmark records in this area. The job of a scientific writer needs you to write, edit and research scientific articles, features and news in a proper way.

Formulation Development (F&D) Associate

In this job role, you are supposed to detect new formulations that are more effectual. The work of an F&D Associate is crucial and challenging, but highly satisfying.

Sales & Marketing Executive

This is a job where most B.Pharm graduates are found to work in. There are many jobs in the sales domain, with excellent salary structure. The incentives on good performances can be quite fabulous. Although this is a challenging job, the remuneration and rewards are handsome without a doubt. But you are supposed to travel much, to various parts of the country as well as abroad – with trips financed by employers.

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