What are Some of the Fields of Engineering Growing Too Fast?

Even a few years ago, the IT sector was very hot in the job market, employing thousands in numbers. Today, more and more engineering students are looking for better sectors that can promise them the promise of high salary, good job security and decent job satisfaction. Know about some of the fields of engineering that are growing quite fast, and which BTech engineering courses are worth pursuing.

BTech in Robotics:

In the manufacturing sector, robotics technology has been in widespread use for quite some time now. It deals primarily with the design, building, maintenance and operation of robots. Robots are supposed to fill into the shoes of humans for dangerous or routine tasks, to reduce wastage of manpower, resources etc. It comes as no surprise then that a large number of big companies are investing a lot of money into the R&D of robots.

BTech in Mechatronics engineering:

With more and more companies opting for automation, and the production of parts of complicated machines becoming important, mechatronics engineering has turned into a big aspect of any standard manufacturing assembly line. The manufacturing sector has become the main industry that mechatronics engineers have started to focus on in the recent years.

BTech in Environmental Engineering:

Environmental Engineering is making use of present ideas in engineering and science, to keep the environment safe from the harsh elements of nature. This domain of engineering is becoming increasingly important, with mankind waking up to face the effects of climate change and global warming every day. It seeks to keep the demand for growth satisfied, keeping the environment protected as well.

Many of the top global corporations are now hiring environmental engineers, so as to save more energy and contribute to environmental protection.

B.Tech in the Internet of Things (IoT):

For mechatronic systems as well as AI, a plethora of opportunities has been opened up by the Internet of Thingsor IoT, as it is referred to by many industry experts today. Essentially, IoT involves integrating the internet across every electrical and electronic platform. It is a type of concept that has long-term applications and effects, and can be related to various things, such as airplanes, cars, toasters and refrigerators.

With Internet of Things (IoT) being integrated in almost every internet enabled device imaginable today, IoT engineers are trying to make the security aspect much better, so that it is impossible for anyone to breach the safety protocols.

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