What are Some Promising Careers in Agriculture to Take Up?

Agriculture, till the other day, was thought to be a profession involving feeding livestock, Plowing fields, seed planting, harvesting crops etc. Not anymore. In the modern times, this profession has grown a lot – with constant innovations and cutting-edge research happening in the domain. The scope of this field has grown a lot in the recent years. Know about some of the promising careers that can be taken up in the field of agriculture.

Dairy Technology

This is a domain that is primarily involved with milk processing and production. Professionals in this domain manage milk production, which include storage and collection, as well as supervising the processing to ensure that it is ideal for consumption. They are also involved in other important activities – such as milk distribution, storage and packaging, and caring for the by-products as well. They can make sure that all the quality and nutritional standards are satisfied.

Once you pursue and successfully complete a course of B.Tech in Dairy Technology, you can supervise all the daily operations, dairy production etc.

Poultry Farming

The field is mainly involved with raising ducks, chickens etc to get their eggs and meat. Most of the poultry farms are engaged in chicken-raising, given that there is a demand for the meat of fowls as well as their eggs. When you work as a Poultry Farmer, you have to manage varied activities – such as feed supply, shed management, ensuring compliance of produce with nutritional standards, transporting the items etc.

Once you complete a course in this domain, you can get work in poultry farms as well as in feed analysis laboratories, veterinary hospitals, feed millers, pharmaceutical companies, hatcheries etc. There are various professions awaiting you – such as that of Processing Technologist, Poultry House Designer, Feeding Technologist, Production Technologist, Hatchery Assistant, Breeder and Poultry Farm Manager.

Fisheries Science

This domain deals with knowing all the principles of commercial fish harvesting and cultivation in any type of marine environment – whether in saline or in fresh water surroundings. This is also involved with the study of breeding, habits and life of fishes of different types. When students study this kind of field, they can learn all the new ways of fish rearing via artificial ways, as well as how the same can be conserved as well as transported in a safe way.

You can find work in fish farms, central and state government departments as well as in many academic institutions. There are professions like Fish Research Assistant, Biological Science Technician, Hatchery Technician, Shellfish Culturist, Aquaculture Farmer and more.


This is a branch of agricultural science which is involved with studying crops as well as their growing ambiance, such as the soil. As an Agronomist, you have to develop various techniques for improving soil usage as well as increasing crop production. Research has to be conducted in different areas – such as proper methods of insect and weed control, soil moisture management, proper ways of conservation, proper sowing dates, soil fertility restoration etc.

Some of the top career opportunities in Agronomy include Crop Consultant, District Sales Manager, chemical salesperson and fertilizer.

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