What are the Best Career Options in Forensic Science?

Forensic science happens to be one of the major fields of science that helps in crime detection, historical research, and many other fields that need physical evidence(s) to be recognized, identified and analyzed. In countries like India, this is still a less popular career option although shows like CID and Crime Patrol are fast popularizing this field of science. Know about some of the career options available after graduating in this domain.

Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)

As a Crime scene investigator, one has to help in collecting evidence, carry out analysis and assist in the investigation of crime scenes. These professionals have to help forensic scientists, and have to gather evidences like shoeprints, fingerprints, sample of hair, blood etc.

Forensic Ballistics Expert

They are specialists in firearms, such as pistols and guns, and can help detectives and cops in the identification of the trajectory of bullets fired, so as to detect the point of origin. They detect the kind of bullet used in murders, caliber, manufacturer etc. These experts can also play a major part in crime scene mapping.

Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

They assess blood patterns to gather vital clues regarding different types of crimes committed. They carry out the examination of stains, spatters, spills, drips etc. These experts are also able to determine what kind of weapon has been used, who was the main aggressor etc. They can also find out whether or not the wounds on the body of a person are self-inflicted.

Forensic DNA Analyst

They take DNA samples from victims, suspects, scenes of crimes as well as various objects to know whether or not anybody was present at the crime scene. These people mainly work in labs and examine the evidence(s) collected by crime scene investigators and the police.

Forensic Toxicologist

They study toxins and their impact on living beings, especially humans. Toxicologists identify the causes of death, such as intoxicating substances, chemicals, poisons etc. Typically, they are found to work on drug testing, human performance, bodies in post-mortem etc. They screen nails, hairs, body fluids etc of dead bodies, suspects etc.

Forensic Documents Examiner

They are responsible for the detection of “white collar crimes” such as financial frauds and scams involving forgery of signatures, bank statements, checks, contracts etc. These experts also determine whether a signature is valid, through the analysis of handwriting, and also find out how old a document really is.

Digital Forensic Expert

They sniff out and trace the culprits of crimes involving cyber-hackers, cyber terrorists etc. They reconstruct as well as assess digital information, so as to help in investigations as well as crimes related to computers.

Forensic Accountant

They work for private as well as public employers, if needed. The work of these people involves scouring financial records, mail trails, electronic records, documents and more, so as to determine whether there is any financial crime or fraud.

Forensic Anthropologist

They study human remains, and the weight, sex, age etc of victims as well as his / her possible cause of death, the kind of injuries that he / she sustained etc.

So ,these are the top career options after completing forensic science course in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

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