What Can You Expect from a Good VFX (Visual Effects) Course in Bhubaneswar?

VFX or Visual Effects means the effect of creating characters and environments that are impossible or difficult to find in real life, or capture on camera in actual life. It has been in use in the movie industry for a long time, with flying superheroes, blasting cars and more. Today, it is used not in Hollywood movies only but in many regional movie industries as well. In India, the VFX industry is witnessing a phenomenal growth and it is catering to even Hollywood. This has led to a rise in demand for skilled VFX professionals and VFX courses. Find out what you can expect from a good VFX course in Bhubaneswar .

Covers different aspects of animation

VFX course in Bhubaneswar are found to cover many different aspects of animation, such as cartoons, graphic designing, visual effects, games and more. You can learn how to use various methods and tools for the creation of high-quality graphics and animated visuals for TV shows, movies, games and more. Such courses can also help you know how graphic-designing should be done for websites. You can find out how to create superior visual effects for TV, film and other industries. Certified trainers can teach you VFX production skills in an ambience similar to a studio.

Knowledge of various VFX software packages

There are different types of software used for the purpose of creating VFX. There is 3Ds Max that can be used to create 3D images, and can help create 3D still pictures, video-game environments and films. You can learn the usage of Adobe After Effects, another popular software that aids in VFX creation with compositing and motion graphics. It can be useful for small productions and independent film making. Maxon Cinema 4D can aid you in modeling, animation and rendering. There is also Autodesk Maya, which has a “node base” framework and helps with animation, dynamics, rendering, modeling and more.

Wide range of career options 

After the completion of a VFX course, you can take up the job of a Video Editor, 3D Modeler, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, 2D/3D Animator, Multimedia Programmer or Lecturer.

High salary packages

As a VFX professional, you can earn anywhere between 2 and 5 lakh INR. Pursuing degree courses with certificate courses can be better than pursuing only one type of course, and can fetch you a higher salary package. You can earn as high as 10 lakh INR or even more.

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