What is Your Career Scope after a Medical Laboratory Technology Course in Bhubaneswar?

The Medical Technologist profession is witnessing a rise in demand, and as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics it is estimated to have an 18% higher growth by the year 2024. This is a job where direct interaction with patients might not be a necessity, but the behind-the-scenes activity – such as the work of a Medical Technologist demand – is almost equally important as it benefits health in many ways. So what is the future career scope after passing a course in Medical Lab Technology in Bhubaneswar?


Radiology Technician:

You can work as a radiographer and helps radiologists during prolonged and complex radiological investigations. As an X-ray Technician, you might have to inject chemical mixtures during X-rays for some types of investigations. You need to place body parts properly under X-ray machines, but take care to shield them from direct exposure to X-rays. It is important to operate the machine properly, to get pictures of proper detail, contrast and density, and prepare the reports to be sent to the radiologist for examination and analysis.


Pathology Technician:

As a Pathology Technician, you can get work in pathology labs in hospitals and clinics in Bhubaneswar, as well as in pharmaceutical companies, urologist’s office, research labs and more. You need to be able to perform various types of pathological investigations, which include preparing of samples, collecting body fluids, analyzing tissue samples, preparing vaccines, blood grouping and simple blood count smear.


Optical Laboratory Technician:

You have to work with Opticians and Optometrists, and assist them as well as be involved in checking eye conditions, visual defects etc and determine which glasses can help correct vision problems. You need to make visual aids ready, offer vision therapy, prepare contact lenses etc after using special devices to test the eyes and prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses. Your job will demand that you prepare lenses according to the prescriptions of optometrists with the help of grinding methods, and make adjustments to eyeglasses to ensure a better fit.


Other than such careers, you can also find employment in the academic field. Those graduating with a B.Sc degree course in Clinical Laboratory Science can pursue a career in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. You can find 3 types of courses being offered by universities and colleges in Bhubaneswar in Medical Lab Technology, including Certificate Program for 1 year, Diploma Course for 2 years and Bachelor’s Degree for a period of 3 years. Bachelor’s Degree offers the most in-depth knowledge while others are short-term but more affordable programs.

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