Which Books can be Motivational for MBA Students?

MBA (Master in Business Administration) students need more than business management skills, and also have to develop a more in-depth knowledge of emotions and human nature. Books can be a great way to get the same, and literature can serve as a source of motivation for them. Here are some books can be informative, motivational and useful for MBA students.


  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People?

This best-seller has been a favorite since 1986, when it was published for the first time. The book is still a shelf-topper and basically teaches how to be sociable and a good influencer – key skills needed by any management professional out there. It is recommended by mentors as well as book lovers. Any MBA student should go through this book to know how to deal with people in a proper way. Written by Dale Carnegie, it is a life-changing book – as regarded by many readers. It teaches the basic methods to handle others, make them like you, win them over with your thought process and transform them without making them bitter.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

It is regarded as among the most influential books, and can benefit any MBA student. It has been authored by Stephen Covey, who has shared those 7 useful habits that can help in achieving high professional and personal success – if practiced appropriately. The habits include a) being responsible for own actions in life and not blaming others for results of those actions, b) starting only after having a proper goal, c) setting priorities for better management of life, d) trying to win without attempting to always beating everybody around, e) judging only after understanding concerns / issues well, f) developing habit of listening properly, g) cooperating with others for more success and finally h) loving and caring for the self.

  1. Outliers

This Malcolm Gladwell book throws light on the attributes of successful individuals, such as The Beatles members and Bill Gates. Readers can get an assessment of their comprehended intelligence and realistic decision-making process.

  1. Straight From the Gut

It has been written by Jack Welch, the man behind General Motors’ amazing success story. Through the book, he shares the story of his 4 decades of experience in running GE, which reveals how he focused on customer satisfaction and quality (which improved efficiency), tried to unravel people’s creativity, used tough and unique methods to kill bureaucracy etc.

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