Which Sectors Can You Find Work in As a Management Professional in the Post-Covid-19 era?

Even months after the first case of outbreak, the pandemic Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 shows no sign of waning. But work has to go on, for livelihood is to be earned. Know about some of the major sectors that you can work in as a management professional in the present environment, where Covid-19 is the new normal, after passing out of a top BBA College in Bhubaneswar.


The automobile sector of India is quite strong, as it is regarded as a source of production of electronic products and automobile components. Companies from South Korea and Japan have expressed eagerness to have India develop their supply chains. If the game is played well, India could double its electronic products export from the present level of 9 billion USD every year. There is a profitable 120 billion USD worth domestic market already. It needs capable management professionals to steer it to a new direction and meet the expectations of other nations that have believed in the capability of India. You can find work in Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Operations Management.


In the lockdown imposed after the outbreak of the pandemic, the growth of the manufacturing sector in India has slowed down considerably. The country needs its manufacturing activities to pick up, and wean investors away from countries like China to set shop up here. As a management professional, you can be part of that growth story and oversee operations as well as bring in key innovations in operations that can help the nation move forward.

Countries like the US and Japan are already shifting away their manufacturing units and setting up in India. Lots of other manufacturing agencies across the globe are also shifting some part of their individual supply chains to India from China after the pandemic struck men and business hard.


The pharmaceutical industry in India is anticipated to have a 22.4% yearly growth rate. The country is set to be the biggest medicines exporter in categories like Hydroxy Chloroquinine, anti-malarial drugs, BCG vaccines etc in this Covid-19 market. As a management graduate, you can find and explore opportunities in global marketing and exports.

Naturopathy and Ayurveda

With alternative treatment methods like Naturopathy and Ayurveda getting more and more popular, teachers in Pranayama and Yoga would be in more demand. There are excellent opportunities available for marketing management professionals in these sectors.


Tourism and travel is among the biggest industries in the country, and its contribution to the Indian economy is expected to be more than 500 billion USD by the year 2029. Even in an ailing Covid-19-stuck economy, the tourism industry seems to have its growth unabated. Rather than slowing down, it has actually grown and earning foreign exchange for India, thus generating indirect as well as direct employment.

Management graduates can find employment opportunities in Travel Agencies, advertising and public relations. Medical tourism is also witnessing an annual growth rate of 30%, due to cost-efficiency, fast services and ease of availability. It is a good time for management professionals to enter this sector and ride the growth wave.

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